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As a fourth-time mom I chose two have the experience of getting advice from lactation consultant. There was plenty of time for my questions and concerns to be answered. I saw a dramatic change in my life where I no longer was anxious and storing them for my baby for a have been advised but wonderful team provided by the breastfeeding Center.

We were happy with our Momease childbirth 1 2 3 course -- and Carolyn graciously refunded our fee for a subsequent course we could not attend for medical reasons.

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We can't recommend Momease highly enough! Carolyn Alexander was the doula for the birth of our first child and she was more loving, encouraging, and supportive than we thought any person could possibly be. We met her through the Momease two-day birthing course she led and were immediately impressed by her high level of competence balanced always by genuine caring--she was very sympathetic to the anxieties faced by first-time parents and took time to get to connect with everyone in the class as individuals. As a result of this wonderful experience, we asked her to be our doula (as did another couple!). Despite having already made plans for the holidays, Carolyn rearranged her schedule in order to accommodate us.

Carolyn checked in several times leading up to the birth and has followed up with us repeatedly afterwards as well, in each case going far beyond what we expected. During the birthing process, we never got the sense that Carolyn was just going through the motions of a predetermined routine. She listened and responded to what we needed minute-by-minute, tailoring her approach to fit our needs. Throughout the MANY helpful suggestions she made during the birthing process, Carolyn always presented the pros and cons of the various options to us rather than trying to strong-arm us into one choice versus another. We couldn't have asked for a more positive experience with her and recommend her and Momease without reservation. We will definitely be asking her to help with our next child.

We attended one other class taught by a new hire that was not quite on the same level as the two-day class led by Carolyn. Recognizing this, Carolyn contacted every attendee and offered a complimentary course. The handling of a small hiccup like this in such a professional manner makes it clear that Momease is very serious about providing the highest level of education and support for pregnancy, childbirth, and child care.

Great experience!

Can't say enough good things about Momease! The classes were extremely helpful and Carolyn was our doula. Don't think O would have been able to deliver vaginally without her. I had a very long and difficult labor, but Carolyn was with me every step of the way. Thank you for all your support!

Carolyn was an outstanding teacher in the Momease classroom and an amazingly dedicated doula in the delivery room. We’re so glad that she was by our side. Her class and doula service were worth every penny!

I thought the class was really helpful. It made the whole process less scary! My husband and I felt more prepared to get through it together. I would absolutely recommend taking a class with momease to anyone about to have a baby!

Outstanding class and instructor--Carolyn was super informative and made sure everyone left with not just their questions answered, but feeling infinitely more confident. Thank you!

Carolyn’s class was definitely an immense help in preparing my partner and me for birth. A class this long has the potential to be boring and dry, but Carolyn kept us all awake with her humor and energy. She also really took the time to not only address common birthing concerns, but focused on tailoring the class to each and every person’s individual questions and topics of interest. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

My wife and I both enjoyed the birthing class we attended. The instructor was friend friendly and knowledgeable and helped ease our minds since we had so many questions as first time parents to be. The class we attended only had two other couples so it was nice and intimate and we got all the attention we needed. We got great tips and advice, even though during the birth a lot of the information you learn goes right out the window, I did practice a lot of what we had been taught

This class was extremely useful to us as first-time parents. In particular, it put my husband more at ease in feeling comfortable with day-to-day activities like diapering and swaddling. We got a much better sense of how to incorporate my husband into how he can he useful and bond with the baby in the first few weeks. My only criticism is that it could have been an hour longer -- we got a ton of information, and I think unpacking it a little bit more might be helpful.

I worked for Carolyn for 7 years as a prenatal instructor. It was a very positive experience. She is very professional and easy to work for.
She is an excellent instructor. I have watched her teach, seen how with her knowledge, her compassion and her gentle use of humor she reduces the stress levels of both the moms and their partners.
I have been with her when a woman with a baby or a young child has stopped her on the street to thank Carolyn once again for having been the woman's doula.
I highly recommend Carolyn as an instructor, a doula and an employer.

Momease provides excellent classes, doula services and follow up care. Don't delay growing families, engage their services! Kim, Amalia, and Alton

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