Infant Massage Class – Online registration for this event.

Who it’s for: This class is for expectant parents, new parents, family members or anyone else wanting to learn about infant massage. If you already have a baby, the class is perfect for babies 6 weeks to 6 months.

Details: Rub a tummy…stroke a foot…bond with your baby! This two-hour class will introduce you and your baby to the gentle art of massage. Babies who are massaged are often calmer and suffer less from colic. Knowing how to properly massage your baby will build confidence in your ability to respond appropriately to your baby’s cries and needs. For working moms and dads, massage can offer a relaxing way to reconnect with your baby at the end of the day. The class instruction will cover:

  • Specific benefits of infant massage
  • How to massage your infant’s whole body, including face, torso, limbs, back, etc.

An experienced massage therapist and teacher will conduct the class. Bring baby, a blanket and a towel.

Fee for both parents and newborn:
  • $40 for a single class.
  • $70 for two classes.

  • Breastfeeding 101 – Online registration for this event. Who it’s for: This class is for moms who are currently breastfeeding and anyone hoping to learn more about the practical aspects and tactics of breastfeeding. We recommend this class is taken within the first 6 weeks after birth. Dads and partners are welcome to attend and can also benefit from learning more about breastfeeding techniques. Details This two-hour class will cover the most common breastfeeding topics in a fun and engaging class as the instructor offers practical tips that can be implemented right away by new breastfeeding moms. The class includes information on the following:
        • Building a strong milk supply
        • Latching and positioning
        • Overcoming common hurdles like engorgement, soreness, and plugged ducts
        • Incorporating your partner into your breastfeeding routine
        • Preparing to return to work as a breastfeeding mom
        • Balancing pumping and breastfeeding
    A list of recommended items and products to purchase for breastfeeding will also be provided. Fee is $50 per couple.

    Infant & Child First AidOnline registration for this event.

    This Infant & Child First Aid teaches and focuses on easy to learn emergency procedures that prepare participants when to use CPR, use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and EPI Pen.

    The American Heart Saver First Aid curriculum will include care for sudden illnesses, wounds, burns, injuries to muscles, bones and joints, as well as heat and cold-related emergencies, for 6 months to age 8 years old. Couples will receive a AHA booklet with detail procedures. This 2-hour course is taught by Certified EMT Infant & Child CPR techniques are not taught in this class.

    Sleep Management in the NewbornOnline registration for this event.

    This Class is directed at new families and beginning the day/night cycle in the new born.  Soothing techniques to calm and help baby sleep will be presented and demonstrated. Happiest Baby on the Block techniques will also be reviewed with hands on demonstration.  Swaddling will be demonstrated and various available commercial swaddles will be reviewed for effectiveness.  The class utilizes the infant physiology to encourage sleep in the newborn.  Evidenced based information will provide you with the necessary skills to help your baby sleep.

    Class only – $75


    Sleep Management 4.5 to 12 Months – Online registration for this event.  This class is for families who have survived the first three months of their newborn but are unable to help their babies consolidate sleep for more than one or two hours.  This age group should be able to sleep 11-12 hours at night, This is a gentile approach to helping your baby get the sleep (s)he needs without listening to what seems like hours of crying until the baby is exhausted and so are the parents.  This class will capitalize on the baby’s inherent need for sleep.  Provide the parent with a concrete plan to assist thier baby in sleeping in the crib, going to sleep at a regular time, staying a sleep through the night.

    Class only – $75